Smart Goggles allow you to view photos and 3D videos and augmented panoramic reality 360 degrees.

Thanks to them you can also play games and 3D simulators

Smart Goggles is a simple but very clever construction.

It takes just a few dozen seconds, to assembly supplied already set and the smartphone

becomes a completely new device - a projector of three-dimensional reality

Fits for almost every, even the biggest, models of smartphones (max. smart phone dimensions are: 145x80mm)

Protection against falling out of smart phone

Durable, ergonomic construction matches face shape

Possible to order with additional

head strap

Matt / shiny foiling


High quality optics with adjusted lenses frames

Plastic lenses frames are available in various colors

Customized high quality
full color offset printing

We provide free visualization

of your product.

We stay to your disposal while making of customized graphic

Smart Goggles - logo
Smart Goggles VR - branded google cardboard, custom google cardboard

Our Smart Goggles gadget is the best way to discover Virtual Reality. It works with most of modern smart phones. In Smart Goggles we used and developed Google’s company conception known as Google Cardboard. Smart Goggles uses stereoscopic view which is displayed on your smart phone. Our product is the best alternative for expensive gadgets like Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Rift.


Smart Goggles is incredibly attractive advertising gadget, which finds wide range use in marketing, sales, education, entertainment or even education industry. It’s perfect gift which can be used during trade fairs or business slide shows. You can use it as part of marketing campaign or original present for your clients

Smart Goggles use
Smart Goggles assembly - branded google cardboard, custom google cardboard
Smart Goggles use
Smart Goggles use
Smart Goggles use
Smart Goggles properties

Smart Goggles Slim

Smart Goggles Slim is a new model of cardboard VR goggles. It is an economical version that without losing anything of its functionality is offered at much lower prices. Slim Goggles in the slim version already have lenses mounted and their unfolding and reassembly takes a few seconds and is extremely easy. The goggles, when folded, take up little space and the foldable construction facilitates transport and distribution.

They are perfect as a gadget handed out during promotional campaigns or attached to products. Smart Goggles Slim are available in two versions that differ in how the lens is attached. The cheaper lenses are permanently installed and the slightly more expensive version allows for smooth regulation of their spacing.


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